• Windows 10 cumulative updates out

    Sunuvagun, the Win10 update page has been updated, and it IS showing KB 3201845/version 1607 build 14393.479.

    The Reddit thread is up. If you have any problems, that’s the place to go. Several Microsoft employees are there, and they’re helping!

    @teroalhonen caught a key change: “Addressed a service crash in CDPSVC that in some situations could lead to the machine not being able to acquire an IP address.” That’s the fix for the mysterious “Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” bug.

    It looks like the 100% drive problem with KB 3201845 has been solved.

    I’d strongly suggest you wait to install the Win10 updates until we’ve had a chance to get some feedback. The response to KB 3201845/version 1607 build 14393.479 was not kind.