• “2017-05 Update for Windows 10 version 1607” KB 3150513 appears over and over again

    UPDATE: InfoWorld Woody on Windows

    I’m seeing it on my main production machine, too. It shows up on the list of installed updates (installed 2 May), but also appeared this morning on the list of updates ready to install.

    Poster Neil Hobbs on the Microsoft Answers forum says:

    If you have a look at the update in the Microsoft Update Catalog at the following URL, you’ll notice that it has been updated – the name and the KB reference has been updated;


    Therefore the reinstall is due to this.

    Sure enough, the Microsoft Update Catalog shows it was last modified on May 4. If you go to the usual Update Catalog URL, you can see three different versions of the update, for 32-bit and 64-bit Win10 1607, and one for Server 2016 64-bit.

    On April 24, I wrote in InfoWorld about the new version of 3150513 being pushed onto all versions of Windows.

    Then on May 2 I talked about Günter Born’s discovery that there was a re-issue of KB 3150513 for 1607 only. A look at the KB page turned up key files dated April 27.

    Now, when I look at the KB page, I see that the key files were updated again, this time on May 3.

    The weird terminology — starting with “2017-05 Update …” throws off alphabetized lists of patches, as noted by NetDef yesterday.

    Günter Born has a rundown of more problems with KB 3150513 and KB 4015219 (the Win10 1511 cumulative update). According to the Update Catalog, both were re-issued on May 4. The last official cumulative update for 1511 appeared on April 11. This new one’s undocumented, as best I can tell.

    It would be interesting to know if this latest cumulative update for 1511, dated May 4, increments the build number above 10586.873 (which is the official build number for the release on April 11). If the number has been incremented, I don’t see any reference to it, anywhere, official or unofficial. If the number has NOT been incremented, somebody is playing fast and loose with the build numbering system.

    Sounds to me like somebody screwed this one up big-time.