• A progress report on Win7 “Service Pack 2”

    A year ago, Microsoft promised that it would roll all of its Windows 7 post-SP1 updates together and release them along with the monthly Win7 cumulative rollups. It’s effectively a “Service Pack 2” released in stages.

    Microsoft’s ill-fated KB 3125574, released fourteen months ago, tried but failed to bring together all of the older patches.

    I had a chance to go through the catalog entries for the past few Win7 cumulative rollups, and it looks like Microsoft’s making some progress — although the pace has stalled.

    The catalog entry for this month’s Win7 cumulative rollup, KB 4034664, says it replaces 76 updates, some of which go back years. That’s far from a slam-dunk of all post-SP1 patches, but it’s a decent start — especially if the updates work without stomping all over each other.

    If you’re curious, here’s a copy of the two latest “replaces” lists, in a spreadsheet.