• A way to mediate the telemetry gathering in Win7 and 8.1

    Windows guru Günter Born has just posted an English-language article on his web site about KB 2952664 and KB 2976978, the re-issued snooping patches for Win7 and 8.1 (see entry below).  His article includes a detailed description of how one might cut off the telemetry in those patches.

    The question is “why Microsoft re-releases those updates, although they has been installed on many machines, and why as a extraordinary update on a Thursday?” Microsoft kb articles doesn’t give a clue what’s in.

    He goes through a series of steps to take down a program called compattelrunner.exe, a telemetry data gathering routine that “has been known as a trouble maker driving many systems CPU and RAM load to 100%.” Born admonishes:

    But note, I haven’t tested it – so you are at your own risk – and we don’t know how long this trick will work. But it’s maybe helpful.

    He also includes a list of telemetry related patches that many of you will find interesting.

    Check it out.