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  • AskWoody Lounge beta test continues

    Posted on January 6th, 2017 at 14:40 woody 5 comments

    Calling all testers. I know it ain’t perfect, but I’ve made a few tweaks and would appreciate it if you could log in and respond to the first post…

    Unless I have to throw out bbPress altogether, we’re close to converting the site over – to growing the appendage.

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    5 Responses to “AskWoody Lounge beta test continues”

    1. Doc says:

      “… to growing the appendage.”
      There’s pills for that 😉

      Seriously though, can’t wait to see the new Lounge.

    2. Jonathan H says:


      I would like to help test the new version of the “Lounge” for you even though I did not participate in the earlier version.

      Very truly yours,

      Jonathan Handler

    3. pudgym says:

      Woody, I am trying to sign up for the lounge. I registered, or at least I think I sent the key registration data. It might be in your "Spam" folder; it ends in the same domain as this response’s reply. All the e-mail addresses I now use on blogs are via Spamgourmet .com. They all forward to my main e-mail address @ fastmail .fm. I highly recommend Spam Gourmet. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of webmasters think an e-mail ending in one of its domains is spam and bounce it. 🙁 (Meanwhile, real spammers know how to forge an address ending in Yahoo .com, Gmail .com, Hotmail .com, or Comcast .net – and their spammy missives sail through unfettered.) Please check your spam folder for an e-mail from me fitting this description.

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