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  • Back in the saddle again

    Posted on January 5th, 2017 at 22:06 woody 12 comments

    It was an interesting, very short vacation. My six-year-old dropped my beloved XPS-15 just before we left. Didn’t hurt the screen, but there’s an ugly bump on the corner. It worked fine for several days but Monday morning, while on the road, it just refused to start. I had neither the time, the inclination nor the patience to buy a new machine. So for the past three days I’ve been limping along, using my Nexus 6P (great phone!) to keep things going here.

    Thanks to all of you who helped hold the fort down in my near-complete absence. I hope the move to the AskWoody Lounge will ameliorate this kind of problem in the not-too-distant future.

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    12 Responses to “Back in the saddle again”

    1. jmwoods says:

      And thanks to you for keeping the site going…with a phone no less.

    2. messager7777777 says:

      Fyi, SSDs are very less prone than HDDs to failure from a laptop being dropped bc there r no mechanical parts in SSDs.
      Fyi, u can restore a stored/backed-up Win 7 System Image to a new internal-drive on the same cptr.

    3. Lizzytish says:

      Sorry to hear about the mishap…… but apart from that hope your trip was a good one! Welcome back LT

    4. Jim4 says:

      “I had neither the time, the inclination nor the patience to buy a new machine.”

      You mean you don’t get free computers? 😉

    5. 3143 says:

      I vaguely recall back in the 90s as a final stage of R+D testing a phone company would run the ‘5 year old test’, meaning they’d give their product to a 5 year old for a couple of hours, and if it survived it was fit for market. An apocryphal story certainly, but I can’t see it being done today.

    6. Todd says:

      I second Lizzytish’s comments – sorry to hear about your computer but hope you had a great vacation. I’m sure your son feels bad about dropping your beloved XPS-15.

    7. jmwoods says:

      At least your six-year-old didn’t do this…


      Haven’t checked the story on snopes.com yet…

    8. John s says:

      Any consolation my Dell Ispiron 5000 with a SSD drive isnt so great either. It fell about 2 feet and stopped working. Decided rather than send it to Dell i figure try and fix it myself. Have to say not so impressed with Dell anymore. Thought they performed a decent drop test for models? Rechecked all connections but never found anything conclusive that caused the problem. Its randomly turned off twice since.

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