• Buggy KB 4039884 Win7 patch of a patch returns with no explanation

    It’s baaaaack.

    The buggy patch of a buggy patch, KB 4039884, which was pulled yesterday, suddenly re-appeared today, with a different date and a new title… and absolutely no explanation for the shennanigans.

    In theory, KB 4039884, now titled “August 30, 2017—KB4039884” fixes the multi-monitor bug introduced in this month’s Win7 security patches, KB 4034664, KB 4034679, and KB 4034670.

    Personally, I wouldn’t touch it until we hear back from the unpaid beta testers.


    Before you install this update, you must uninstall any previous version of KB4039884. Then install KB4034664 or KB4034679 before installing this current update of KB4039884.

    Now that’s customer-friendly.