• CIA Malware Cyberweapon – Another SMB “Tool”

    Catalin Cimpanu, on bleepingcomputer.com, has posted an article about one of the recent Wikileaks Vault 7 series of dumps.

    “CIA Malware Can Switch Clean Files With Malware When You Download Them via SMB” looks at another CIA cyberweapon.

    Codenamed Pandemic, this is a tool that targets computers with shared folders, from where users download files via SMB.

    The way Pandemic works is quite ingenious and original, and something not seen before in any other malware strain.

    Dan Goodin, on arstechnica.com, says:

    Like previous Vault 7 releases, today’s leak is a critical blow to US intelligence interests. But it’s nowhere near as grave as the Shadow Brokers leaks.

    Wikileaks Vault 7: Pandemic