• Cloudflare parser leak: No problem here

    As @Kirsty noted over in the Code Red forum yesterday, Cloudflare has reported a security problem with their servers which led to leaked information for many Cloudflare customers.

    There’s no need to be concerned about your AskWoody info getting compromised.

    We currently use Cloudflare to speed up internet access, but we didn’t set that up until after the Cloudflare bug was fixed. As a result, you can see on the NowSecure breach list, AskWoody.com is not listed as one of the affected sites.

    Even if we had been affected by the Cloudflare problem, the amount of data stored on this site is minuscule. We have your user name and email address, a five-time-hashed and salted one-way encrypted version of your password, the date and time of your last forum activity, a list of any “Subscribed” topics, and an indication of whether you’re a Lounger or not. That’s it.

    Your privacy is very important to me.