• Excel – Missing Quick Access Toolbar icons

    Bill Jelen – Mr. Excel – has encountered an intriguing problem.

    The “Customize Quick Access Toolbar” option in Excel (Word, PowerPoint) should have oodles and gobs of entries for customizing the Quick Access Toolbar (the toolbar with tiny icons up at the top of the screen). On afflicted systems, there are only a few icons available.

    Bill’s looking for people who can replicate the problem. He’s seen it with Versions 1703, 1706, 1708. Current Channel, Insider Slow, Insider Fast.

    Can you replicate the problem? Please take a look at Bill’s YouTube walkthrough – it’s very easy and fast.

    (I unabashedly use the installed version of Office 2013, so don’t get caught up in Office 365 intrigue.)

    UPDATE: Bill tweets:

    Workaround: Type icon name in “Tell Me” box & rt-click to add from there. Rumors say real fix coming this week.