• “Fireball” Malware Contains Digital Certificates

    Check Point Threat Intelligence Research Team have discovered a “high volume Chinese threat operation”, in the form of Fireball.

    The scope of this malware is eye-watering: an estimated 20% of worldwide corporate networks have been infected, 250,000,000 machines! In U.S., Check Point’s sensors show 5,500,000 infections (2.2% of global infections, but 10.5% of corporate networks infected).

    From InfosecurityMagazine.com’s Tara Seals:

    The good news is that Fireball can be removed from PCs by uninstalling the adware using Programs and Features list in the Windows Control Panel, or using the Mac Finder function in the Applications folder on Macs.

    Yes, you read that correctly – it affects Macs too!

    Check out the new Code Red – security updates post, which has links to further information.