• Google says it may start scanning Gmail again

    It’s a disturbing development.

    In late June, Google announced that it would stop scanning free Gmail, in order to serve up ads. That follows earlier commitments to not scan Gmail for ads, for both the Educational version of Gmail and the paid GSuite.

    David Kravets at Ars Technica has uncovered a footnote in a class action settlement that says Google has reserved the right to start scanning free Gmail again. The settlement received preliminary approval on Thursday.

    The wording of the footnote has a tone that should ring familiar to most of you:

    Google believes, however, that the architecture and technical requirements for providing email services on a large scale evolve and change dynamically and that a longer commitment may hinder Google’s ability to improve and change its architecture and technology to meet changing demands.”

    It sure sounds to me like the “Let Microsoft provide more tailored experiences with relevant tips and recommendations by using your diagnostic data” setting in Win10 1703.

    I talked about that setting in my article about setting up Win10 Creators Update. It’s yet another step toward blurring the lines between telemetry and snooping. And now Google’s playing the same song and dance.