• In Win10 1709, Windows Defender continues to pull down definition updates even if Windows Update is stopped

    This from Noel Carboni:

    I’ve just verified that Windows Defender in Win 10 v1709 build still goes to the web on its own to retrieve definitions et. al. with the Windows Update service Stopped and Disabled.  The Sphinx firewall software I use spotted it working just now (see the attached screen grab).

    I don’t know what implications stopping the Windows Update service might have for other things, e.g., cloud-integrated App operations, because I don’t use them but at least the embedded antivirus solution is still not compromised by taking control of Windows Update.

    I still haven’t gotten the rest of the system quieted down fully yet.  While I’ve stopped a lot of the unsolicited communications attempts, the firewall is still catching a number of attempted comms with various Microsoft servers.  It would not be surprising to learn that they have increased the level of cloud integration with this release.