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  • Keep Win7 running for the long haul

    Posted on January 2nd, 2017 at 07:24 woody 247 comments

    A series of steps you can take now, to keep Win7 in top shape.

    Includes details on installing a fresh copy.

    InfoWorld Woody on Windows

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    247 Responses to “Keep Win7 running for the long haul”

    1. Chris says:

      Woody I appreciate your help on this site you made, but could you have a section dedicated to Windows 7?
      Trying to navigate and dig into comments is very confusing given you also cover windows 8 and 10.

      The type of webpage is not ideal for people that are serious about keeping up to date on Win 7 only.

      M$ is a real jerk for doing this c*** to updates.

      • woody says:

        In the support part of the Lounge, I’m breaking apart Win10 and Win7/8.1.

        I should probably think about breaking Win7 and Win 8.1, too, eh? Only problem is that some topics overlap the two.

        • Sue says:

          @woody, as one who has Win7 and is in Group B, I have no problem at all following comments pertaining to Win7/8.1.

          Given Win7/8.1’s overlapping topics (with the usual exception of differently numbered KBs), it seems that it makes more sense (and is a better use of your time) to only break apart Win10 and Win7/8.1 . . . And thank you for doing that!

          • woody says:

            Hmmmm… I’m hovering back and forth on this issue.

            There’s no one, real solution, of course. Not sure if it’s better to break out 8.1 separately or not…

    2. Clueless says:


      Might be good to separate 7 and 8.1

      Looking down the road, 8.1 may attract more users (3 years longer support).

      With Classic Shell I have no heartburn with it.

    3. Canadian Tech says:

      I vote for separation of 7 & 8. I, like a lot of others am exclusively 7 and throwing 8 in with it is sometimes quite confusing.

      In fact, a lot could be improved if people ensure they are mentioning which they are referring to in their comments.

    4. Bezem says:

      “After you’ve gone through the first round, set up Macrium Reflect or Acronis to generate a second full disk image, followed by incremental backups. ”

      @Woody, Macrium Reflect Free Edition does not allow Incremental Backups. Only the paid for version has that.

      See http://imgur.com/a/1J1Of

    5. Clueless says:

      @PK Cano @Messager7777777

      Found one (clue that is)

      Ask Woody:A new way of displaying monthly security patches.

      Discussion between (among others; ch100, woody) about the absurd and confusing new MS ‘rollups’ and ‘updates’ terminology.

      Starting at:

      and ending with:
      Woody says:

      “I like the terminology, but I need to stick with Microsoft’s terminology (at least until it makes me gag with a “Quality” stick).”

      • woody says:

        It really is a mess.

        And that doesn’t even take into consideration the “Preview” and “Insider Preview” bafflegab.

      • ch100 says:

        Please be aware that all those things change regularly and some of the old discussions have only historical importance, although useful to read even today.
        Also we all learn as we go, so again old threads may be less relevant than the newer discussions which include what we learnt along the way.
        Anyway, I appreciate the mention of what we do and what we did back then. 🙂

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