• Microsoft confirms that Win10 1703 users are being upgraded without warning to 1709

    Sometime in the past few hours, Microsoft fessed up to the forced upgrade I talked about last week.

    The problem that I described on Wednesday continues apace: People all over the world who had set Win10 Creators Update to wait for “Current Branch for Business” before moving on to the next version are getting sandbagged. Windows Update is apparently turning a blind eye to the “CBB” setting. But, as explained on Wednesday, it does honor the “feature update deferral” setting.

    No doubt somebody at Microsoft thinks that the setting can be ignored, now that the “CBB” terminology has been replaced with “Semi-Annual Channel.” Except, of course, the CBB terminology persists in Microsoft’s own documentation. Dirty pool.

    There’s a new wrinkle. I have an unconfirmed report from Henk van Elburgthat some folks with Win10 1607 set to wait for CBB are also getting upgraded to 1709. Without permission, of course.

    Now there’s a notification in the description of this month’s Patch Tuesday cumulative update for Win10 1703. It now reads:

    Known issues in this update

    Windows Pro devices on the Current Branch for Business (CBB) will upgrade unexpectedly.

    Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.

    At least they’re owning up to it. Now would somebody please tell me how in the blue blazes are they going to fix the problem? The 10 day grace period for rolling back upgrades almost over.

    Automatic Update strikes again.

    Many thanks to SB.