• Microsoft pulls controversial “you gotta upgrade to Win10 from that bad, insecure, no good Win7” post

    Thanks to Günter Born, messager7777777, and Mary Jo for her spot-on TWiT rant.

    InfoWorld Woody on Windows.

    Interesting. Gordon Kelly just hit me on Twitter, to say that Microsoft hasn’t completely pulled the article – just moved it, to

    Windows 7 Support endet in drei Jahren

    There are differences between the two versions – and the date has been changed from the original Jan. 13 to Jan. 16. The post is credited to Irene Nadler in the original, and to Senior Product Marketing Manager MiladMSFT in the modified version.

    Several paragraphs were deleted from the original, including the ones that explain Vista and Office 2007 end of life, and the discussion of StatCounter results putting Win10 usage ahead of Win7, in German.

    UPDATE: And there’s yet another version, this one with a link provided by the Myce people, dated Jan. 17, once again credited to Irene Nadler:

    An early Goodbye to Windows 7! Support endet in drei Jahren


    So now we have Jan. 13, 16 and 17 versions attributed to MiladMSFT and Irene Nadler. Anybody got a scorecard?