• MS-DEFCON 1: Don’t apply ANY Windows or Office patches

    I sure hope you folks followed my advice and locked down Windows Update prior to yesterday’s debacle.

    Going through the reports of Windows 7 and 8.1 machines getting blocked, I’ve decided to move to MS-DEFCON 1: Current Microsoft patches are causing havoc. Don’t patch.

    I do that fully realizing that there’s a full-on attack going with the new Word 0day, which may or may not be solved by one of the Office patches from yesterday. Stay tuned, don’t use IE or Edge, and don’t open any Word docs attached to email messages!

    And… spread the word. The machine you save may be your own.

    Several of you have asked…. yes, this includes Windows 10 cumulative updates and the Windows 10 Creators Update version change. Wait.