• On Facebook Secret Conversations…

    In the wake of the recent Snapchat location sharing change, I received a message concerning end-to-end encryption in Facebook Messenger:

    “… as of late last year FB messenger has end to end encryption BUT…one has to select it for each message they want to make “secret”.

    It won’t work with MS desktop FB unless its Win 10 (never for me).”

    Now I’m not a Facebook user, but this intrigued me. What I found did not seem to be very user-friendly.

    The app that introduced encryption is only available from the Microsoft Store for “Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile”, but only the mobile app appears to have the chat encryption. It seems older OS devices must use prior app versions which do not support encryption. Naturally, apps are also available for Android and iOS.

    (and note the mediocre ratings…)

    HowToGeek.com have a post which details the rigmarole required to effect the much-lauded chat encryption. It discusses what parts of conversation are actually encrypted (not any video calling, or any images it allows you to send), and problems with using more than one device with the app.

    Their post contains details on how to select which device you’ll be using, how to start a new Secret Conversation, changing an existing conversation to a secret one, confirming your conversations are secret, self-destroying messages and deleting secret conversations.

    I was surprised how difficult this all seemed, when other messaging apps seem to be a little simpler.

    Thanks to @hiflyer