• Patch Alert update

    Computerworld Patch Alert.

    Hit any bugs in this month’s patches? Until the commenting system is working (which should happen tonight), don’t hesitate to send me email: woody@askwoody.com.

    Includes notes about the newly reported language mix-ups caused by this month’s Outlook 2007 security patch.

    UPDATE: Got this note about KB 4038777, the Win7 Monthly Rollup:

    I installed this update yesterday. It broke Internet Explorer. I restored the pc to the state it was before this update. Reinstalled the update again. Same result. All the icons on the task bar were unusable. Restored the pc a second time.

    Can anybody confirm?


    On both 1607 and 1703 slipstreamed with September cumulative updates and clean installed, Internet Explorer remains absolutely blank whatever URL I type. The only fix I could find so far was to disable protected mode.


    After Win 7  KB4038777 – IE11 has the Search box on next to the URL box with no option to hide it and set tabs to new line. If you uncheck the “Tabs on new line” they are put in the same line as the URL hiding the Search box. No option so far to have both tabs in new line and search box off. Same supposed to happen with the equivalent Win8.1 and Win10 patches.