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  • Report of KB 4038777 breaking activation on Dell machines

    Posted on September 18th, 2017 at 15:15 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Anybody else see this with the September Win7 Monthly Rollup, KB 4038777?

    An email from reader AJ:

    I saw your article regarding KB4038777. We are having an issue when this update is installed where it breaks the windows activation on Dell machines. Seems to be happening only to Dell Windows 7 Professional machines. Dell says to reimage, awaiting assistance from Microsoft. Still troubleshooting, currently no fix. Has anyone else pinged you on this?


    We actually just figured it out. Apparently the update removed Dell’s OEM folder from System32, and upon reboot Windows couldn’t validate its license. Fix is to replace OEM folder with a known good, then run:

    Slmgr /upk

    Slmgr /ilc oem.xrm-ms

    Slmgr /ato

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    26 Responses to “Report of KB 4038777 breaking activation on Dell machines”

    1. JT says:

      Let me rephrase what Ed is saying: When Microsoft decides to screw up the operating system that you own (at their discretion), you will either need the rescue media or have to go buy another computer and lose everything… Typical Microsoft BS! All the money in the world but they cannot get ANYTHING to work correctly… This update is causing problems with other software as well – Spiceworks no longer works for those who are having this problem. I get a “Ping.exe” error every few minutes. Uninstall KB4038777 is only option.

    2. DrBonzo says:

      @LuAnne Russell

      Ed makes a good point! Start, All Programs, Maintenance, Create System Repair Disc. It’s easy, you’ll be guided through a couple steps and it takes only a few minutes.

      Also, since you have a Dell you may have a Dell Utility with a name something like Dell Backup and Recovery. Start, All Programs, Dell, Dell Backup and Recovery. At least that’s where it is on my 2 year old laptop. I had an old desktop where it was named a bit differently. This program will let you create a usb flash drive that will restore your computer to it’s original factory state. You would then have to reinstall all the updates and reload all programs you’ve added to your computer since you bought it, and that would be a hassle. That would be something I would consider paying a computer repair shop to do, although if things ever go bad I’d try the system repair disc or the system image first.

      I’m trying to get my Win 7 computer through January of 2020, but if things go bad, I’m not going to hesitate to go get a Mac and/or finally finish getting Ubuntu set up on an old laptop.

    3. LuAnne Russell says:

      Thank You ALL for your help. I have the repair disk and the backup at the ready. Thank You so much.

    4. Anonymous says:

      Have there been any reports of this effecting Windows 7 Home users? Everything I’ve found has only mentioned Pro.

    5. LuAnne RUSSELL says:

      Just updated Windows 7 pro and looks ok so far on reboot.

    6. anonymous says:

      Does anyone have a problem with Outlook 2010 Instant Search now after the September Windows update for Windows 7 pro?

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