• “Something bad happened” error in the Microsoft Store

    Those of you futzing around with the RTM version of Win10 Fall Creators Update may have encountered this message when opening the Microsoft (Windows) Store. Looks like it’s caused by using an Office 365 Microsoft account to log in to Win10 FCU, and installing a (forced) Photos update called Photos Add-On. Ed Bott has a good rundown on ZDNet.

    More than 70 percent of the early reviews have given the mystery add-on a 1 star rating, with reviewers adding comments like these:

    • Installed without permission
      I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t approve this, I didn’t even know you were planning on installing this. When will you get it that people don’t want YOU to decide what gets installed on MY computer. Stop it already.

    • Forced install
      Not cool, MS.

    • Don’t install without asking
      I have no idea what this even does. Why do I have it and why didn’t I have a choice?

    The bogus “Something bad happened” note was reported by Ed on Oct 12, with details in this Twitter thread between Ed, Richard Hay and Tero Alhonen. Our own @PKCano reported the same error message earlier today.

    Can anybody pin down the exact sequence of events that causes “Something bad happened”? It’s a world-class error message.