• Surface Pro 4 shaky screen and bad Type Cover woes continue

    Microsoft “support” has been painfully inadequate, frequently telling customers to go pound sand — er, to re-install Windows, update drivers, or pay for repairs.

    Every time I read a post blasting Consumer Reports for yanking its “Recommended” rating for the Surface Pro, I shudder. Microsoft fanbois say the problems aren’t all that bad. I say hogwash.

    Microsoft has repeatedly dumped on its Surface Pro customers — from batterygate and bluescreens on the Surface Pro 3 to horrendous driver/firmware problems with the Surface Pro 4 — Microsoft has consistently displayed a callous disregard for many vocal, disenfranchised Surface Pro customers.

    Here’s the latest recap of ongoing problems with the Surface Pro 4 – and a little dig at the Surface Pro 3, now that my SP3 battery is well and truly dead. It lasted three years.

    To quote AlexN: Friends don’t let friends buy Surface.

    Computerworld Woody on Windows.