• Surprise! Flash update KB 4051613 for all versions of Windows

    Earlier today Microsoft released KB 4051613, a freestanding update for Flash Player, which brings the Player up to version

    You may recall the bug in Flash Player, mentioned on AskWoody, which crashed both IE and Firefox in VMware Vcenter . Judging by the comments in the KB article and the supporting info on Günter Born’s blog, it looks like this one-off patch is designed to fix that bug.

    It’s being distributed via Windows Update, or you can manually download and install it. See the directions in Born’s blog. Note that the KB has not been rolled into any cumulative update, as best I can tell, and there are no new cumulative update releases (or documented updated Monthly Rollups) for any version of Windows.

    Looks like the problem was solved on October 20. It took this long to get the update out.

    Reader @EP has this advice:

    KB4051613 is now available for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 (yup, that’s right, Windows 8 – all versions including Win8 embedded and yes even Win10 v1507 & v1511), which updates Flash Player ActiveX to version

    I’m manually downloading the KB4051613 updates from MS Update Catalog and will install them manually on my Win8.1 & Win10 machines. On the Win8x/Win10 PCs, I manually remove/uninstall the old Flash updates and then apply the new Flash updates as I NEVER install the new Flash player activeX Windows Updates over the old ones – that way I have the clean versions of Flash.

    Flash. The gift that keeps on giving.