• Technical problems

    Arrrrrgh. Somehow, the database has been set back to September 13. Since then we’ve had the following posts:

    Outlook 2007 and 2010 security patches scramble languages, break printing on custom forms – pointing to this Computerworld article.

    Microsoft’s BlueBorne fix for CVE-2017-8628 arrived in both July and September – which contains a wealth of information that I’ll retrieve once this site gets straightened out.

    A warning about this month’s security patches – a very important post in Computerworld that you need to read if you’re blocking updates. Bottom line: If you can’t keep yourself (or your users) from clicking on Word’s “Enable Editing” button, you have to install this month’s security patches.

    Yep, we’re working on getting the site back. Sorry, once again. Maybe this weekend. Thanks for hanging in there….

    UPDATE: Threaded comments are back! bbPress is coming up slowly. Oh frabjous day!

    ANOTHER UPDATE: My woody@askwoody.com address is dead, as are the other @askwoody.com addresses. That hurts. Reviving it shortly.