• Undocumented Surface Pro 4 updates suddenly documented

    I’ve given up trying to keep track of Surface Pro 4 updates. I figure the machine – like all Surface Pro’s before – is a buggy mess. Microsoft throws fixed firmware/driver updates for it out through Windows Update like manure on mushrooms.

    My last tirade about undocumented Surface Pro 4 updates appeared on Sept. 2, when Windows Central reported eight previously unknown and undocumented firmware and driver updates.

    Now, thanks to a post from Paul Thurrott, I see there are four more previously undocumented Surface Pro 4 updates, supposedly released on Sept. 14, which have just been documented on the official Surface Pro 4 update site. A week late.

    Part of me is galled that so many people are buying machines that are so obviously buggy. Part of me is galled that Microsoft patches those machines — the firmware and drivers for heaven’s sake — without documenting them. All of me is galled that some companies, with data protection responsibilities, allow that to happen.