• Was there a bug in last week’s KB 3150513 “upgrade enabling” patch?

    Sure looks like it to me.

    Günter Born reports that KB 3150513 was re-issued on May 1, for Win10 1607 Anniversary Update only.

    You may recall that it was last re-(re-re-…) issued on April 23. I talked about it in InfoWorld.

    Looking at the file lists on the KB page, sure enough, the Win10 1607 list shows Appraiser.sdb and Appraiser_data.ini with file dates of April 27.

    Like Günter, I haven’t seen KB 3150513 on my Win10 1607 production machine. The KB article was updated yesterday. I manually downloaded the patch from the Update Catalog, tried to install it, and was informed that it was already installed. What the ?