• Where is this month’s IE 11 patch?

    Interesting question from CA:

    I decided to try out the “Security Update Guide” and attempt to locate this month’s IE 11 update for us Group B hold-outs. What I discovered is that the Guide is pretty much useless, if not outright wrong/deceptive.


    Going down the list for IE11, there is no mention of KB4012204 for “Windows 7 x64-based Systems”. If fact, the only place I could find KB4012204 applied to IE9 and Vista/Server 2008.

    And, KB4012204 is not listed here:

    Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 update history

    If one searches for KB4012204 in the catalog, the correct updates for IE11 and Win 7 are, of course, listed:


    By the way, this KB is a totally confusing mess:

    MS17-006: Security update for Internet Explorer: March 14, 2017

    So my question is this. If KBs are going away next month and the current guide is any indication, what will be the best methodology to locate the separate IE updates for Group B? Since IE updates are included in the Rollup for Group A, it’s not an issue for them because this appears in WU.

    UPDATE: I am aware of this:

    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-006 – Critical

    This bulletin does list KB4012204, but seems like a round-about way to discover the stand-alone IE11 patch. My understanding is that the Security Guide is supposed to be sufficient.