• Win10 Fall Creators Update cumulative update KB 4054517 refusing to install

    UPDATES: See my Computerworld Woody on Windows article.

    I saw the first heads up here on AskWoody, from @jwhiz56. He says:

    This KB installed on my MS Surface Pro 3, my HP HPDV8T laptop but refuses to install on my 2017 Surface Pro (purchased just before Thanksgiving).  I’ve reset it multiple ways (the OS) and the update either sits at 99% downloaded, or it fails on installation.  my C:\windows\logs\CBS directory eats up ALL of my disk free space.  I’ve tried all hints/suggestions on the Microsoft forums related to this KB.  when I downloaded the standalone version for my computer x86/windows 10, it says it’s not applicable to my computer.

    Now I’m seeing similar complaints all over the web. There this massive complaint thread on the Microsoft Answers forum, for example. Microsoft’s only suggestion (forgive me if you’ve heard this one) is a clean install. And even that doesn’t seem to work all of the time.

    Following @Bob99’s suggestion, I Googled “KB 4054517 problems” and found several possible solutions.

    The Sihmar site says that there are similar problems with KB 4053580 (this month’s cumulative update for Win10 Creators Update, version 1703). Pramod Singh breaks it down to three known symptoms:

    Currently, there are three different kinds of update problems users are facing. First, while downloading the update (fail to download or update stuck). Second, update installation issues and finally, blue screen (BSOD) error after reboot.

    He gives a series of possible fixes.

    Has anybody encounter the problem? Have you tried Singh’s solutions?