• Win10 machines with “Defer feature updates” now getting pushed Creators Update

    There’s a reason why your Win10 1607 PC with “Defer feature updates” is getting pushed onto 1703 — and you aren’t going to like it. Fortunately, there’s a partial solution.

    Tip: If you’re running Win10 Anniversary Update, version 1607, and don’t want to get pushed onto 1703, go into Windows Update and see if “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1703” is waiting download. If so, use wushowhide or a metered connection to block it. If it’s already downloaded and awaiting a reboot, DON’T reboot just yet.

    Computerworld Woody on Windows

    UPDATE: I can confirm that this method worked on my production PC. Per @netdef:

    If the updater shows 1703 still pending a reboot, and you have successfully used wushowhide.diagcab to block it, go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and delete ALL subfolders and files in there (but don’t delete the Download folder itself.)

    Now at the Start menu, you should have roughly double the count of shutdown options listed.  Half are normal, the other half say something like Update and Restart or Update and Shut down.

    Restart the workstation without the Update option.

    Now when you recheck updates, the Feature update to 1703 should abort, and no longer be listed as pending.


    UPDATE: There’s a reason why you were caught flat-footed. You were probably waiting for the usual “4 months to CBB” delay. That interval is shrinking precipitously…