• Win10 March cumulative update KB 4013429 breaks display of forms in MS Dynamics CRM 2011

    Confirmed. The latest Win10 cumulative update drives Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 crazy.

    The big question: How can Microsoft fix it? Bundled patches make life much more difficult.

    UPDATE: New info in InfoWorld Woody on Windows

    Looks like we have a solution. GT writes:

    We logged a Premier Support ticket with Microsoft and they were very responsive.

    During a remote session, they confirmed that data was being returned from CRM server side when clicking links, but it just wasn’t displaying.

    The issue is caused by inproper CSS.  Modifying the height attribute of CSS allowed the data to be displayed successfully during the remote session.  The suggestion was to change one line in CRM’s global.css which fixes the issue across all interfaces.

    Since then, our CRM developer has figured out that the issue goes away if you the following line to global.css.aspx:

    table.ms-crm-Form-Layout span[type=”subgrid”] {position:static !important}