• WSUS servers fails to synchronize with the Microsoft servers

    From PerthMike.

    Workaround is to untick the UPGRADES category. Could be the Creator’s Update/Upgrade causing havoc.

    But Microsoft recommends against turning off upgrades “since that will expire all of the upgrades in SCCM environments until the upgrades classification is rechecked and resynced.”

    There’s a significant discussion on patchmanagement.org . Call me old fashioned, but I don’t replicate patchmanagement posts because of a warning “The content on the email list is intended for assisting administrators.  If you would like to use any of this content in a blog or media publication, please contact the owners of the list for approval.”

    I’m also seeing reports that managed Win7 machines are rebooting twice after this month’s patches.

    Wait, folks. Thar be tygers here….