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  • Android Outlook app scrambling Contacts?

    Posted on March 1st, 2018 at 11:51 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    I’m hearing reports all over that the Android Outlook app is running roughshod over (Outlook) Contacts lists.

    As I understand it, linking the Android Outlook app to your (Exchange-based?) email account reaches into your Contacts and scrambles things like:

    • Email 1 turns into Email 2, Email 2 turns into Email 3, and Email 3 goes back around to Email 1. It’s particularly frustrating because “The display still looks correct so it appears that I am sending it to the correct email address.  I can see it correctly when I look in the sent items but that is too late.”
    • Fax numbers turn into “Other” numbers.
    • Website, Spouse, Title removed
    • “Almost all Notes were removed but for ones not erased”
    • <mailto:…> was added to each email address and periods replaced apostrophes
    • Some physical addresses were removed, and “United States of America” was added to physical addresses

    The gripes I’ve seen come from a private forum — and I won’t reproduce the posts here. (I would welcome — encourage! — the original posters to chime in here.) But the problems are very real for some people at least.

    Can you confirm? I don’t use Outlook Contacts – switched over to Google Contacts years ago.

    Thx @sb

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      Da Boss

      I’m hearing reports all over that the Android Outlook app is running roughshod over (Outlook) Contacts lists. As I understand it, linking the Android
      [See the full post at: Android Outlook app scrambling Contacts?]

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      AskWoody Lounger

      Mine seems to multiply phone numbers – I get literally endless list of the same number or two numbers.

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        Da Boss

        Interesting. So when you fire up Outlook on the phone, many (?) of your Contacts suddenly get the same phone number? What happens when you go back to your PC — are the numbers still changed?

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          AskWoody Lounger

          OK, I missed your question – no, some contacts have an endless list of numbers with the same number, something like:

          Mobile 1: 12345678

          Mobile 2: 12345678

          Mobile 3: 12345678

          Mobile xxx: 12345678


          PC version is perfectly fine.

          MSI H110 PC MATE * Intel Core i5-6402P * 2 x 8 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2133 MHz * Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti D5 4G * Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD * Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD * Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD * DVD RW Lite-ON iHAS 124 * Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer PCI * Windows 10 Pro 1809 64-bit
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      AskWoody Lounger

      I have not seen those problems, but I will say this: I am having trouble with Outlook for Android after I have viewed a message and try to return to the inbox by tapping on the arrow in the upper left corner. It gets stuck and unresponsive until I tap the Android “back” arrow on the phone. If I delete the currently viewed message, it says “message deleted,” but the deleted message reappears at the inbox screen.

      This has been happening more often than not recently. Never saw this issue prior to a couple weeks ago.

      My Moto G5s Plus running Android 7.1.1 has the Outlook app for Android version 2.2.110 (249) mainlineProd.

    • #171574 Reply

      AskWoody Plus

      I am so happy that I do not use Outlook on any of my personal computers or on my cell phone. On the other hand and at the office, everyone uses Outlook. A while back, they thoroughly enjoyed losing all of their Outlook contacts along with losing the ability to search their old emails. I personally haven’t used Outlook since, let me think, ever. What email program do I use and which I have used for well over a decade? Well, it more than easily fits on a 360K floppy disk. Perhaps you all recall an email program called Eudora? I have never been hacked via email, simply because the required functionality to facilitate such email hacks within Eudora simply isn’t there.

    • #192988 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      I use Outlook 2016 <==> <==> Outlook for Android <==> Galaxy Contacts.

      As soon as they made the link between and Outlook for Android bidirectional contacts in Outlook 2016 started getting scrambled.  The scrambling is periodic and ongoing, and not all contacts are scrambled at any one time.  I haven’t figured out the trigger event.

      The problem is actually a bit more insidious that just scrambling the contacts.  Let say Email1 started as and Email2 was, but then they were scrambled.  If you are addressing an e-mail in Outlook 2016 using cached e-mail addresses, and comes up, it is actually pointing at the “slot” for Email1.  If is currently in Email1, that’s who the e-mail goes to even though the addressee on the screen says

      Another facet of the problem is that if I have Display As showing John Smith ( it will periodically get changed back to just

      Something happened that leads me to think that the source of the problem is between Outlook for Android and Galaxy (Android?) Contacts.  The bidirectional link between Outlook for Android and Outlook 2016 just lets the damage reach my PC.  The problem went away for about a month and I thought maybe Microsoft and/or Google had fixed it.  Then I discovered that Galaxy Contacts (which I don’t use much) was almost empty.  Turned out that the upgrade from Nougat to Oreo on my Galaxy S8 had disabled most/all permissions on most/all apps, and Galaxy Contacts was no longer displaying the contacts from Outlook for Android.  As soon as I set up Outlook for Android and Galaxy Contacts to sync again my contacts in Outlook 2016 started getting scrambled.

      I tried reporting this to Microsoft last fall, with the usual lack of success.  Since the problem appears to be at the interface between Microsoft and Google (Samsung?) apps, it may be challenging to get anybody to accept responsibility and fix the problem.  Does anybody have any suggestions on where to apply the 2×4?  Are there any other forums where we could cross-post and maybe eventually catch somebody’s eye?

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      I was having this problem a lot.  Then one day I spent some time and made sure any contact that was both in my work exchange account and also my account had the same email address in the same slot (1, 2, etc).  All seemed well for a while and now all of a sudden in one day I have had two emails go to the wrong address because of this scrambled mess.  Was any help found for this issue?

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      I too have had this problem and Microsoft has been CLUELESS.  I use an Exchange account and I have custom contact forms.  My contact number is approaching 65,000, but I’m continuously being told by Microsoft that there is no limit.  I’m using 32-bit Office 365 and I have a Business Premium account with them.  I have had to resort to going into most of my contacts and putting anything but the preferred email address into the notes field, then creating a new primary web address and spouse field.  I’m sickened by how I’ve lost data and there is no one to blame for it but Microsoft, who just tried to blame it on an Android application, but I only use the official Microsoft application on my Android phone.  What is left but to consider going to an iPhone?  Ugh.

    • #322766 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      … on the other hand, those who use other mail-and-contacts applications (over EAS or EWS) on their Android phones are just fine?

      I mean the vendor-supplied Exchange integration from Samsung, Sony or whoever… or for when that isn’t good enough (older model Samsung phones didn’t get updates to the mail app and it doesn’t handle Office365 new-style EAS shared calendars properly, say), or doesn’t exist like on many budget-grade phones, something like VmWare Boxer or BlueMail or…

      This looks like it’s a pattern for Microsoft apps on Android, the Skype for Business Android app is also known to be bad with contacts.

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