• Another complaint about KB 4023057

    Earlier today I had a tweet from Help4me who’s frustrated that we’re still stuck at MS-DEFCON 2:

    Soon after, I saw this blog post from an old friend, Michael Horowitz:

    Last night, I closed the lid on the laptop and heard it beep to indicate that it was sleeping… Opening the lid did nothing, it was still sleeping (the power button blinks to indicate this). Press the power button again and again and again and again and nothing. With no other option, I press and hold the power button for about 8 seconds or so and the machine finally springs to life… it is installing bug fixes as part of the boot process. .. Windows Update history shows that it installed an update, KB4023057, yesterday.

    Of course, KB 4023057 is an old – downright ancient – patch. @abbodi86 warned about it last October:

    Is a Win10 1607 cumulative update re-enabling a disabled Windows Update service?

    If y’all want to install this month’s patches — primarily to fix a Meltdown/Spectre vulnerability that’s never been seen in the wild — more power to ya. As for me and mine, I’m gonna wait.

    Unless Windows Update jumps up and bites me in the posterior, as it has Horowitz.