• Another reported file wiping problem with Win10 1809

    From ToppestOfDogs on Reddit:

    Ever since the October [Win10 1809] update, the overwrite confirmation is missing from zip files

    I noticed that whenever I move something out of a zip, the “do you want to replace these files” dialogue never shows up, it just does it.

    I’ve reinstalled windows and it still does it, it’s only on the October update. Pretty nasty bug since you can accidentally overwrite a file and have no way of getting it back

    And from Wazhai, same thread, also on AskWoody:

    This seems to be a very serious and widespread problem which could lead to user data loss. This is another thread about it. A reply would be very much appreciated.

    The issue is that in 1809, overwriting files by extracting from an archive using File Explorer doesn’t result in an overwrite prompt dialogue and also doesn’t replace any files at all; it just fails silently. There are also some reports that it did overwrite items, but did so silently without asking.

    From microl, also in Reddit:

    When dragging newer files (with same name as in the destination folder) from a compressed folder to a regular folder it looks like the file copy happens, you can see the transfer progress, but when you check after no files have been updated. Anybody else have this?

    It’s not clear if the reports are from the latest-latest version of 1809. Jenmsft has been copied on the Reddit posts. Remains to be seen if this new data-eating bug in 1809 will be fixed before it ships.

    Thanks, Wazhai.