• Are Windows customers getting Meltdown/Spectre bullied into buying new computers?

    Just got this from @dportenlanger:

    I think Windows users are getting snubbed. I have an old Clarksfield processor that Intel will not be updating via the BIOS. However, the Linux microcode 20180312 exists for my processor…. the Intel® Core™ i7-920XM Processor Extreme Edition (8M Cache, 2.00 GHz) at this link:


    So what fixes are in the 20180312 Linux Microcode? Here is a clue:


    I believe this is why Linux users are secure and Windows users are getting bullied (sorry, I hate that word, how about “marketed”) into new computers.

    I know this is a site for Windows Updates and news. I think this is Windows news if my conclusions are right and someone needs to call out Intel and Microsoft.

    Is that a strange conspiracy theory — or is there an element of truth to it?