• Brad Sams: Re-org of Windows organization coming

    Yesterday’s Sam’s Report included this fascinating comment from Brad Sams:

    There might be a re-org inside the Windows world after Redstone 5 [Windows 10 1809] ships. This might be actually how Terry Myerson eventually exits is after that’s done, and then his role is diminished… Just people moving about, just more product lines, like Azure and Office and maybe kind of thinning out the Windows crowd. I don’t think there’s gonna be layoffs, not trying to say that, but they’re going to be just shuffling some people around.

    (transcribed by MS Power User)

    It’s an odd, almost off-hand comment, coming at  8:00 — after discussions of Apple, Google, and much trivia.

    Interesting, if it comes true. Thx @Kirsty.