• Hotmail/Outlook POP server switcheroo

    Just got this email from an old friend. (He’s older than me, anyway.):

    Yesterday, Outlook Express could not access any of my 5 Hotmail (Outlook.com) emails. The configuration for these emails in Outlook Express hasn’t changed in years.

    I could access them using a browser and so checked whether they all had POP enabled. They did. So I Googled the problem and found this site which described how to access Outlook.com using Outlook Express.

    As the article was only a month old, I decided to try the “new” server names listed in the article: “pop-mail.outlook.com” and “smtp-mail.outlook.com”. Bingo! They all worked again.

    So yesterday I sent and received lots of emails.

    Today they all failed again. At first I thought that maybe the server names that I had entered yesterday had not been saved, but on checking in Outlook Express, they were still the new “xxxx-mail.outlook.com” names.

    So I decided to change the server names back to the old names: “pop3.live.com” and “smtp.live.com”. Bingo! They all worked again.

    I don’t think my respect for Microsoft can get any lower.