• KB 4023057 is back again. Again.

    While sifting through the latest KB article change list, I noticed that our old friend KB 4023057 is back.

    Now titled Update to Windows 10 Versions 1507, 1511, 1607, and 1703 for update reliability: February 8, 2018, the KB number should ring some bells.

    Our own @abbodi86 said this about the last onslaught, in October:

    It’s a tool called “Remediation Shell” which remedies “fixes” update-related components to facilitate the upgrade from one version of Win10 to another.

    Registry settings, services status, USO and Windows Update SIH (Silent Install Helper), scheduled tasks, disk space, launch Windows10UpgraderApp.exe if installed (included with 1607 cumulative update since June)

    I haven’t heard anything new about this latest and greatest version, so I assume that @abbodi86’s description still pertains.

    In short, it’s innocuous. Don’t go out of your way to install it, but don’t fear the reaper, either.

    UPDATE: Günter Born notes that KB 2952664 for Win7 and KB 2976978 for Win8.1 (both unchecked and optional) were also released yesterday. Born’s take on the Win7 and 8.1 versions is different from mine:

    These updates have been good for problems in the past and also had to be withdrawn by Microsoft in some cases. There were machines that hung themselves, where the fan was running at full speed, or where websites or the machine was freezing for short periods of time (see here). Herehere and here are older threads mentions install errors with these updates. Here someone mentions boot issues in November 2017. Weighting all this risks against the benefits of a ‘diagnosis update’, I recommend to hide these updates.

    I’m convinced.