• Keizer: Lab rats, Windows 10 and the importance of being last

    Gregg Keizer just nailed it again:

    The file-deletion flaw that plagued last week’s rollout of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update shows how Microsoft uses consumers to test out the OS so its important customers – businesses – are protected.

    For Microsoft, a mistake and resulting upgrade retraction like this is a feature, not a bug, of its Windows 10 release strategy.

    Keizer explains how consumers are used as lab rats.  I tend to think of them (which is to say, us) as cannon fodder, but the simple fact is that Microsoft can and will push its bad updates on you, unless you’re connected to an update server, or you have Win10 Pro or Education set properly. Even if you have Win10 Pro set properly, Microsoft may still “forget” to honor its own settings.

    Right on. Check it out.

    (Yes, for those who ask, I do forgive Gregg for mis-spelling my name. Again. It’s the copyeditors I wonder about.)