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  • Lots of little patches, but nothing that puts a dent in this month’s big bugs

    Posted on May 16th, 2018 at 08:10 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Then there’s the “upgrade privacy warning” patch that looks like more advertising, the bizarre “Surface – HIDClass 4/26/2018 12:00:00 AM –” driver for non-Surface machines, Spectre v2 microcode fixes for Win10 1803… and no Monthly Rollup Previews.

    Weird month.

    Computerworld Woody on Windows.

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    Home Forums Lots of little patches, but nothing that puts a dent in this month’s big bugs

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     PKCano 10 months ago.

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    • #192647 Reply

      Da Boss

      Then there’s the “upgrade privacy warning” patch that looks like more advertising, the bizarre “Surface – HIDClass 4/26/2018 12:00:00 AM –”
      [See the full post at: Lots of little patches, but nothing that puts a dent in this month’s big bugs]

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    • #192650 Reply


      I had the HID class update sometime last week, I thought it was because I had a MS mouse and keyboard. The mouse started acting weird afterwards which turned out to be unrelated but I did learn in the process that this update can’t be uninstalled.

      • #193143 Reply


        Looks like the HID class has just got a (more sensibly named) second update – “Microsoft – HIDClass – 5/14/2018 12:00:00 AM –”

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      • #193914 Reply

        AskWoody Plus

        Is this necessary, safe, and okay to install?  This is the first time I’ve seen something like this in my Windows Update marked Important.

        Microsoft – HIDClass – 5/14/2018 12:00:00 AM –
        Download size: 441 KB
        You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.
        Update type: Important
        Microsoft HIDClass  driver update released in  May 2018

        More information:

        Win 7 Home Premium, x64, Intel i3-2120 3.3GHz, Group B

    • #192656 Reply

      AskWoody Plus

      Peabody here.

      Offered May 15, 2018 and installed without issue:

      May 2018 Preview of the Quality Rollups for .NET Framework 3.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, and 4.7.1 for Windows 7 SP1 and Server 2008 R2 SP1 (KB 4103472)

      Group G{ot backup} Win7Pro · x64 · SP1 · i3-3220 · TestBeta
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      • #192679 Reply

        AskWoody Plus

        I’m group A except I don’t install any ‘Previews” as a home user.  Not necessary for light home users.

        edit: removal of HTML

    • #192658 Reply


      That’s the problem with forced driver updates. I once had a Lenovo PS/2 keyboard driver forced on to a HP EliteBook 8540p by Windows 10.

    • #192675 Reply


      looks like MS security advisory ADV180002 was updated on May 15 to mention the KB4100347 Intel microcode update for Win10 v1803. At least KB4100347 also include microcode updates for Ivy Bridge & Sandy Bridge CPUs, which the KB4090007, KB4091663, KB4091664 & KB4091666 updates have not yet covered (unless these patches get revised to include Ivy Bridge & Sandy Bridge CPUs).

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    • #192697 Reply

      AskWoody Plus

      On Windows 8.1-x64, Group A… haven’t seen any Meltdown/Spectre microcode come through Windows Update yet. Unless it’s in the Microsoft Catalog & I have to manually download…

      Windows 8.1, 64-bit, now in Group B!
      Wild Bill Rides Again...

      • #192797 Reply


        You probably got it.  It was in one of those big rollups from last month ( I forget exactly which).  Use InSpectre to check.  I had to uninstall both the Quality Update and the Security Only update because it slowed down my computer too much.  Now I don’t have Meltdown or Spectre protection.  As Woody has said, there is no evidence of this malware in the wild.  My computer works as before, although the Windows Store is still slow loading, as I posted a while back.

        Windows 8.1 (although I’m writing this on Ubuntu).


    • #192726 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but here goes anyway.  I will be returning to a Windows 7 HP 64 bit machine that has not been updated since 10/2017.  What would be my best strategy for bringing   this PC up to date.  I was group B until then, but have switched to doing the monthly rollups on the PC I am typing on.  I will not know what WU will offer me for about 2 weeks.  I am leery of the March and May rollups.  Thanks

      • #192728 Reply

        Da Boss

        You should wait until you see what you are offered through Windows Update. Most likely, two weeks from now, the May DEFCON will apply.

        The first thing you should do before you go online is set Windows Update to “Never check for updates” so you will have control of what is installed.

        If you are patching Group A Rollups, you will probably be offered the May Rollup. If the go-ahead to install it has not happened, you should hide the May Rollup so you will be offered the April Rollup. The important thing is what other patches you are offered, because that may dictate the install sequence.

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    • #192729 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Long as were talking things that bug us. Why in the world when I install a HP printer that I automatically get their stupid Windows 10 app installed and then get nagged in notifications to use it? This is what really bugs me about Windows 10, everything tries to decide for you what you need. We get drivers we don’t want, apps will never use, and half baked updates we want to delay until they are finished baking. A definite recipe for disaster in a OS if you ask me. Which of course does happen to some of us occasionally with Windows 10. Grrr

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      • #192785 Reply


        Skype’s been doing the same thing for the last year or two.  It keeps telling me i should update to the new and improved system! that breaks.  So I roll back.  So it can then notify me that there’s a new Win10 version available!

        And there’s no option to remove the prompt…

    • #192749 Reply

      Jan K.
      AskWoody Lounger

      Weird month.

      Sounds like a perfectly normal month?

      Just reread the article and yep, nothing unusual there.

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    • #192771 Reply


      I have an Ivy Bridge Desktop, and a 3rd Generation Intel processor.
      In my basic IT knowledge, I ask:
      I’m not covered by this Spectre v2 microcode fixes (KB4100347).

      Jonh Paul

    • #192782 Reply


      Running Windows 10 Pro x64 v1709, last update April KB4093112 (and almost daily Defender Updates). Group A updater.

      Have Group Setting for Updates on 2, Semi-Annual Channel, Feature 365 days, Quality 21 days.

      Dont know when it started but just noticed if when I go to Settings>Update and Security>Windows Update  It shows *Some settings are managed by your organization.

      Settings screen also says “Will ask you to download updates ……..”

      The View configured update policies screen shows “Notify to download updates.”

      However; upon closing the Setting screen and then re-opening it, the Settings screen now shows “Will automatically download and install updates ……..” Even though everything else mentioned above remains the same.

      If I select the View configured update policies screen, it still shows “Notify to download Updates”, and if I select the back arrow (top left corner) and go back to the Settings screen, it will now show “Will ask you to download updates ……” once again.

      Close the Settings screen and the cycle starts over.  Anyone else notice this?  So what is the actual setting that Windows is using?

      • #192786 Reply

        Da Boss

        Dont know when it started but just noticed if when I go to Settings>Update and Security>Windows Update It shows *Some settings are managed by your organization.

        You are seeing this because you changed some Group Policy settings from the default (Auto update = enabled, 2, for example)

        My settings screen doesn’t change. It shows “Notify to download updates.” If you read the Group Policy carefully it says “notify download/install” so when you click the download button it’s going to install as well.

        • #192795 Reply


          PK, I understand all of your comments.

          The issue is that, without changing any of my described settings, the Setting screen wording keeps changing from (in abbreviated wording)  “Will ask you to download updates ……” (which it has from day the day I set the Group Policy to 2) to “Will automatically download and install updates…….” (which is the standard wording before setting Group Policy to 2 – even though the GP is still set at 2), and then change back and forth.

          Seems as though whatever triggers the Setting page wording is receiving, then not receiving the indicator from the Group Policy setting of 2?

          My concern is what is being signaled to Microsoft regarding update status?

        • #193246 Reply


          You are seeing this because you changed some Group Policy settings from the default (Auto update = enabled, 2, for example)

          My settings screen doesn’t change. It shows “Notify to download updates.”

          PK, Are you running version 1709?  If not, could be something with just that version?

          • #193251 Reply

            Da Boss

            Yes, I’m running 1709 (and two VMs with 1703, and 1 of Insider Preview)

      • #192835 Reply


        Just checked, and yes I am getting this odd behaviour too (win 10×64 1709 – gp set to notify only)

        • #192877 Reply


          OP here,

          That makes two of us.  Any others out there?  Pls check it out and report back. Could be an issue for PK, Woody, Susan to look into.

          Another way Microsoft is trying to circumvent our settings or inadvertant program error?

          • #193419 Reply


            My settings screen doesn’t change. It shows “Notify to download updates.”

            PK,  OP here

            Since I dont know how to send a screen print, I want to make sure we are looking at the same Setting Screen.  If I go to Windows Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update screen, about half way down that screen, under “Update settings”- there is a short paragraph that says the wording that I am referring to and it keeps changing back and forth between “*We’ll ask you to download updates etc ……..” to We’ll automatically download and install updates etc ……”.

            The wording you are referrencing is on a different screen, the “View configured update policies” that is accessed from the top of the Windows Update screen under *Some settings are managed by your organization>View configured update policies.

            On that screen under “Policies set on your device” I also show “Notify to download updates” and this NEVER changes; however the above referenced windows explanatory paragraph wording half way down on the “Windows Update” screen DOES keep periodically changing at various times by clicking between screens or closing and opening the master Settings menu and going back in.

            So far it seems to be observing the “Policies set on your device” wording, but disturbing why the Windows Update explanatory paragraph keeps changing.

            I unplugged from the internet and set all my settings (Group Policy and Adanced options back to their defaults, rebooted, re-set them back, rebooted, plugged back into internet but the oddity did not change.

            Do you know what Registry settings are related to the Group Policy 2 setting so I can check the registry manually to see what is in there?

      • #193423 Reply

        Da Boss

        OK. here ate screen shots in sequence: Win Update, View policies, back to Win pPdate;




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        • #193433 Reply


          Great, yes those are the screens.

          My “View Configured Update Policies” screen looks exactly like yours!  And the wording never changes.

          However I just selected “Update & Security” which opened the “Windows Update” screen which showed under Update settings “We’ll automatically download and install updates etc …..”

          Clicked onto the “View Configured update policies” screen (still shows set as yours) then the top left back arrow and now the Windows Update screen shows under Update settings “We’ll ask you to download updates etc ….” just like your first and third screen!!!?

          Closed out of master Settings, clicked back in to Windows Update screen and shows “We’ll automatically download and install updates ……”

          Any ideas what is going on?  Since Group Policy is interface to registry changes, do you know what selecting Enable and option 2 is changing/adding to the actual registry so I can check that to ensure that change is actually made?

      • #193435 Reply

        Da Boss

        Registry setting: (see path in top bar)


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        • #193440 Reply


          Interesting, my computer was fresh built by Maingear and came with fresh install of Windows 10 Pro x64 ver1709 in March, now updated to April KB.

          Followed your registry path and have none of your entries under Auto Update. However; I located several sites that say that Group Policy setting makes (and those without Group Policy can add) its entries at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Policies/Microsoft/Windows/WindowsUpdate/ AU                 Name=AUOptions   Value 2

          Which is what I have.    Folder also contains what appears to be Names and Values for other options applicable if option 4 were selected. Group Policy says that none of these are applicable unless option 4 is selected.  Which it is not.

          So guess I’m ok here.  Still no answer

      • #193443 Reply

        Da Boss

        I have those settings also. Maybe that’s the difference.

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        • #193502 Reply


          PK, just wondering did you make any other Update changes/limitations via the Group Policy program that may have created your first entries?

          As I  said, first noticed this behavior after April update KB4093112 and missed the install of the next KB4093105?

          Cant be long before Woody makes a call on May KB4103727 – maybe wait until after that to see if it corrects?

          • #193507 Reply

            Da Boss

            My settings for WU are:
            Updates for other MS products checked
            Semi Annual Channel
            Delay Feature updates = 365
            Delay quality Updates = 0
            No Pause
            Auto Updates = Enabled, 2
            Delivery Optimization\DownloadMode = Enabled, 99 (but I think UUP overrides this)

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            • #193622 Reply


              PK, to tag onto your settings response above,

              I have my Win10 Pro x64 v1709 settings same as yours except my Quality Update is deferred for 21 days (hoping by then Woody has made a decision each month).

              So so far nothing but Defender updates come down and request to be installed.

              However, was thinking that since we no longer EVER want to become a Seeker and press the Check for Updates button, how do I bring down the current updates if we got the all clear and it was only say 15 days from inital release?

              How do you have a setting of 0 days yet not installing until the OK from Woody?

            • #193631 Reply

              Da Boss

              If you have the Auto Update set Enabled, 2 the updates will not be downloaded until you click the “Download” button.
              If you have Quality Updates set to delay 21 days, you may not see the updates in the queue for 21 days. During that time, if you check for updates, you get them like it of not.
              I set the Quality Update delay to 0 because that way they show up in the queue, but they DO NOT download until I click the button. I don’t have to look for updates – they are visible. I use wushowhide.diagcab to hide the ones I don’t want to download.

              If you get in a bind and WU starts preparing for install here is how to stop it.

            • #193656 Reply


              PK thanks.

              In my scenerio, if I wanted them at 15 days and I had my setting at 21 days, would the current updates come down if, at that time, I reset the 21 deferred days to 15 days or less and then just waited (that is NOT press the Check for Updates button)???

            • #193662 Reply

              Da Boss

              Can’t answer that one. Have always had mine on 0 (zero).

            • #193850 Reply



              So with your setting at 0 days, have you already received (and hid) the 2 May cumulative updates KB4103727 and KB4103714??

              If so, what happens when you hide superceding cumulative updates?  Does the older one disappear?  If not, to eventually install, do you unhide (and install) the older, then unhide (and install) the newer one?

            • #193857 Reply

              Da Boss

              I have already installed KB4103727 Build 16299.431 on my 1709. It is in a VM and I do testing before the DEFCON go-ahead to report problems (if any) to Woody. KB4103727 is a security CU issued on Patch Tuesday.

              KB4103714 is a CU issued later in the month. I think these patches are like the “Preview” patches for Win7/8.1 that are also issued later in the month. I do not install Preview patches on my Win7/8.1 – they are UNCHECKED optional updates.
              With my WU settings in 1709 set to Semi Annual Channel, I do not see KB4103714 in the WU queue (or other non-security updates). It is my guess that setting WU to Semi Annual Channel (Targeted), the “hit-me-with-everything” setting, that the updates released later in the month after Patch Tues may show up in WU (once a month is enough for me!). But that may also expose you to “Feature updates” (upgrades) right out of the box that you don’t want as well.
              Just a guess.

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            • #193986 Reply


              PK, Answer to my questions in above Reply 193656 – and a new issue:

              So I reset my quality deferral days to 10 and rebooted.  Within 3-5 mins the following 4 updates came down (and since my Group update setting was 2) awaited me to press the Download button:

              Defender update

              May Cumulative KB4103727

              Adobe KB4103729

              Malicious Removal Tool for May

              (First time I’ve done this next step) So I opened wushowhide, advanced, unchecked fix and the hide updates area.  All 4 updates showed so I checked KB4103727 pressed Next and it went through an acknowledgement for a fix or something or other.  Closed wush and double checked confirmed it was hidden.  Rebooted computer then checked again. It was no longer available to hide, and upon checking the unhide option, it was hidden.

              Then went to the Windows Update section.  It still showed all 4 as Awaiting Download. Not knowing if this was correct behavior, I clicked the Download button.

              All 4 updates downloaded and installed.  Before pressing Restart to complete installation, I again checked wush and it still showed KB4103727 as hidden (and available to check to unhide).

              Restarted and all 4 installed (so far with no problems noted with May KB).  Checked wush once again and this time it shows no updates available to hide or unhide.

              So where did I go wrong? Or is wush not affective once an update appears in the download cue?

            • #193990 Reply

              Da Boss

              Did you try the same technique as with 1803? Once it started preparing, disconnect from the internet, wait till it says “Awaiting download?”
              (Probably not)
              You are OK for now, but next time WAIT for DEFCON-3 or above and try that technique that got you out from under 1803.

            • #193991 Reply


              PK, that ananoymous was not me, but you did make reference to that post.

              Not having much experience or chance to try options with Windows 10 update techniques, and seeing how you have your Quality deferrals set to 0 days,  and I though I read a post by you a month or so ago that you let the updates come in then hide them with wush until you want to install them, that I would answer my days reset question and try out the wush tool.

              Seems the wush tool doesnt work?   May be better to keep Quality update deferral days at 21 or 30, then upon Defcon 3 dial it back to 0 and hopefully they will come down like they did for me here.

            • #193995 Reply

              Da Boss

              You can try that. But look at the link here and try @mcbsys ‘s technique if you get in a problem with it downloading and wushowhide seeming not to work.

    • #192858 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Is KB4100347 a separate download? Don’t see it in WU…

      MSI H110 PC MATE * Intel Core i5-6402P * 2 x 8 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2133 MHz * Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti D5 4G * Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD * Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD * Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD * DVD RW Lite-ON iHAS 124 * Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer PCI * Windows 10 Pro 1809 64-bit
      • #193512 Reply

        Da Boss

        It is my understanding that none of the microcode updates will be through WU. They are strictly download from MS individually.

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