• Many reports of Win10 1709 users getting pushed onto 1803

    It wasn’t supposed to happen until May 8, but I’m seeing confirmed reports from all over that Win10 1709 users who had the temerity to click “Check for updates” are finding themselves thrust down the upgrade rabbit hole.

    Fortunately, there are several solutions.

    Computerworld Woody on Windows.

    UPDATE: I’ve modified the Computerworld article to reflect the fact (first pointed to me by @b) that we WERE warned that clicking on “Check updates” would install 1803. The warning appeared on the same day that 1803 was posted — April 30 — as half of a sentence in a Windows blog post.

    I’ve never seen behavior like that — clicking “Check updates” on Day 1 never brought a version upgrade before — but the fact remains that there was a warning.

    ANOTHER UPDATE: @abbodi86 says that the Day 1 “seeker” behavior — where clicking Check for updates makes you fair game — has been around for several versions. Looks like I missed the memo. Sigh.