• Microsoft extends end of support for the Enterprise and Education versions of Win10 1607, 1703, 1709

    If you’re using the Enterprise or Education version of Windows 10 (hint: If you aren’t sure, you aren’t), Microsoft just gave you a stay of execution by six months.

    It’s the same thing Microsoft did to Win10 1511 back in mid-November.

    You know the rule-of-thumb that Microsoft will release a new version of Win10 every six months, and that each new version will be serviced (in particular, will receive  security patches) for 18 months? Yeah, now that’s only true for those of you who pay for Windows — Win10 Home and Win10 Pro.

    Effective today, Microsoft is extending the support horizon for all Win10 Enterprise and Education versions by an additional six months.

    Mary Jo Foley has full details on ZDNet.

    Here’s the new support matrix:

    Version Released End of service Days
    Home/Pro Ent/ Ed
    Win10 1709 17-Oct-17 9-Apr-19 8-Oct-19 721
    Win10 1703 5-Apr-17 9-Oct-18 9-Apr-19 734
    Win10 1607 2-Aug-16 10-Apr-18 9-Oct-18 798
    Win10 1511 10-Nov-15 10-Oct-17 10-Apr-18 882
    Win10 1507 9-Jul-15 9-May-17 670