• Microsoft release fix for bug that crashes Win8.1 machines running both PIC and APIC controllers

    Yesterday, Microsoft released a patch to this month’s Win8.1 patches, which appears to solve the crashing problem with machines running both PIC and APIC controllers.

    KB 4077561  Stop errors caused by spurious interrupt on systems PIC and APIC interrupt controllers

    is a stand-alone patch that has to be downloaded from the Update Catalog and installed manually.

    It looks like all of the Win8.1 Preview Monthly Rollups were revised on Jan. 23 and re-issued to incorporate the fix. @MrBrian believes that the Preview Monthly Rollups were modified to avoid installation on machines with both PIC and APIC controllers working — and it looks like he’s right. (No surprise there.)

    I haven’t heard of any problems with the patch just yet. @PKCano has added it to the manual install list at AKB 2000003 — but note that you may need the patch even if you’re getting updates automatically (“Group A”). Which you aren’t, of course.

    @MrBrian advises:

    The best installation order for Windows 8.1 users this month is probably:

    1. KB4077561 (manual installation). Make sure before installing KB4077561 that this registry item has been set by your antivirus (if you use antivirus).

    2. January 2018 Windows monthly rollup (through Windows Update, not manually, to ensure that the registry item mentioned in step 1 is present) or January 2018 Internet Explorer cumulative update.

    But of course we’re still on MS-DEFCON 2, and it’s too early to install any of this month’s patches.