• Microsoft to stop contributing to Surface RT, 2, Pro, Pro 2 forums next month

    A snarkier person than I would note that they never had much support anyway, but a blog post this morning makes it official:

    Please be advised that effective July 2018, the forum topics for products that reached end of support will no longer receive technical support from Microsoft agents. There will be no proactive reviews, monitoring, answering or answer marking of questions. The forums will still have Microsoft moderation to ensure participants can engage in a safe and positive environment. 

    Support for these products will be discontinued

    • Surface RT
    • Surface 2
    • Surface Pro
    • Surface Pro 2

    Microsoft Community participants are welcome and encouraged to continue to use the forum to ask questions and post answers with each other.

    Of course, we’ll continue to support Surface owners until the bits rot away. And, golly, we didn’t make billions of dollars from the Surface. (To be fair, neither did we take a $900 million dollar write-off.)

    (I still marvel at the phrase “Microsoft Agent.” Not an employee. Not a contractor. Not a volunteer. Not a bot. Could somebody tell me what an Agent is?)

    Funny how Microsoft posted this on a Saturday, eh?