• Multiple reports that Windows Update is overriding the “metered connection” setting

    I’m seeing reports from many different places that Microsoft’s long-standing (unspoken) policy of bypassing cumulative updates on machines with “metered connections” has been broken.

    Specifically, it looks like yesterday’s Win10 1709 cumulative update KB 4103727 — the one that brings Win10 up to build 16299.431 — is being applied on machines that have their internet connections set as “metered.”

    It’s not clear if that’s the case with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet (wired) internet connections.

    It’s also not clear if Win10 1703 is similarly afflicted.

    If true, Win10 Home customers are going to get hit hard — the metered connection approach was the only easy, reliable method I know about for avoiding updates.

    Home users may be forced to disabling wuauserv and/or running third-party cumulative update blockers.

    If you know of someone who’s experiencing a forced cumulative update, please post here and let me know which version of Win10, and whether the metered connection is Wi-Fi or Ethernet.