• New versions of buggy March Win7 patches are out

    I have no idea what changed, but Günter Born reports (and a check of the Update Catalog confirms) that there are new versions of:

    KB 4088875 – Win7 March Monthly Rollup (dated, in the Update Catalog, as April 4)

    KB 4088878 – Win7 March Security-only patch (also April 4)

    KB 4088881 – Preview of the Win7 April Monthly Rollup (also April 4)

    KB 4090450 – Spectre V2 patch for Server 2008 (dated April 3)

    Looking at the KBNew page, I also see new versions of:

    KB 4099950 – the hotfix patch for bugs in the March Win7 patches (now dated April 4) – I talked about this fix of a fix of a … earlier this week in Computerworld.

    KB 4088879 – the Win8.1 Security-only patch (still dated March 10)

    And, as noted in several places on AskWoody, there’s a new version of the old favorite KB 2952664 — the patch that so helpfully makes it easier to upgrade Win7 to Win10 — and its Win8.1 cohort, KB 2976978.

    Born identifies new notes in the KB articles for the Win7 Monthly Rollup and the Preview Monthly Rollup that say:

    Important Please apply KB4100480 immediately after applying this update. KB4100480 resolves vulnerability in the Windows kernel for the 64-bit (x64) version of Windows. This vulnerability is documented in CVE-2018-1038 .

    You may recall that KB 4100480 is the “OMG” patch issued by MS when they figured that all of this year’s Win7 patches opened a huge “Total Meltdown” security hole in Win7.

    In addition, the description of the KB 4088875 Monthly Rollup patch and the KB 4088878 Security-only patch now advise:

    After you install this update, you may receive a Stop error message that resembles the following when you log off the computer:


    The solution on offer is KB 4099467, which is a single-shot hotfix for Win7 designed specifically to fix this bluescreen.

    How about them apples….

    Can any of you shed light on the reasons for the changes — in particular, do they fix any of the gazillion security holes in last month’s patches? If so, care to speculate on why Microsoft just slipped this stuff out without any announcement?

    And… when will it be safe to get back in the Win7 patching water?