• Patch Lady – 1803 getting offered up to Semi Annual

    I have personally seen several credible reports of 1803 being offered up to folks that have Windows 10 pro, and have the updating deferral set to the Semi-annual channel.  (here’s one visual example here)

    Given that 1803 is not deemed to be semi-annual – it’s semi-annual targeted right now (what used to be called current branch) there is -zero- reason that it should be offered up on machine that have the deferral selected.

    I’ve lost count how many time that the deferral process has not held.

    I also remember that I said here that I was going to give Microsoft one more time to get it right. <big sigh>

    Just the other day on the Microsoft “ask me anything”, someone asked what was Microsoft going to do to bring back trust in patching.  Well respecting deferrals would go a long way to start bringing back the trust.

    Computerworld Woody on Windows.