• Patch Lady – 31 days of paranoia – day 1

    October is National Cyber Security awareness month and I’m going to post every day this month on something that will make you think or take some action.  I’m calling it 31 days of paranoia.  So here starts day one – how good are you at protecting your identity?

    Have you followed guidance for protecting yourself from identity theft?

    (kinda sad isn’t it that even back in 2004 we were concerned about identity theft and it’s even worse now)

    Have you reviewed all your bank statements?  Requested a copy of your credit history?  Have you made sure that the security questions you choose are not readily guessable?  Windows 10 now includes as part of the setup process, that if you set up a local password that security questions are part of the setup.  I’ve often seen as security questions things that could be googled about a person that are typically exposed on Facebook or LinkedIn.

    So are you good at protecting both your identity and your possible password reset questions and answers?