• Patch Lady – a reminder that 1607 drops out of support

    For those that are still running Windows 10 (including one HP envy tablet with a 32 gig flash drive that I’m still fighting to get it up to anything beyond what it was shipped with[*]), be aware that in April the 1607 release of Windows 10 drops out of support unless you are running Education or Enterprise version.

    Thus if you are still on 1607 please be aware that you will not get security updates after that date.

    If you’ve not be able to install past 1607 you might try this trick of determining what the blocker is.  To do so you need to download the ISO, extract it out, and then run setup as noted in this post to determine what the blocking is.

    Basically you run this script:  SETUP.EXE /Auto Upgrade /Quiet /NoReboot /DynamicUpdate Disable /Compat ScanOnly

    Or better yet do it like this:  SETUP.EXE /Auto Upgrade /Quiet /NoReboot  /Compat ScanOnly

    and leave it the bit about grabbing the latest dynamic update so we can see what the issue is.

    Post in the forums and let’s see if we can get everyone past 1607 and up to a serviced platform.

    [*]  I’m getting a usbC adapter to hang off a Western digital external hard drive as that did the trick for my Asus with the 32 gig flash drive.  An external flash drive didn’t cut it, nor did a Micro SD card.