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  • Patch Lady – if you do have 1803

    Posted on May 9th, 2018 at 23:25 Susan Bradley Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    If you do have 1803 on your computer systems, you’ll honestly want to install


    There are several key fixes in this release:

    1. The issue impacting Chrome and Cortana is fixed.  “Addresses an issue that may cause some devices to stop responding or working when using applications, such as Cortana or Chrome, after installing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.
    2. Fixes an issue with interaction with Server 2016 Essentials and those who have VPN set up.  The issue manifests itself whereby the Server connector software can’t be installed on 1803 machines if VPN is set up on the server.  Installing this update fixes the side effect.  It may also fix issues with third party vpn software.  “Addresses an issue that prevents certain VPN apps from working on builds of Windows 10, version 1803. These apps were developed using an SDK version that precedes Windows 10, version 1803, and use the public RasSetEntryProperties API.
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      Susan Bradley
      AskWoody MVP

      If you do have 1803 on your computer systems, you’ll honestly want to install   There are severa
      [See the full post at: Patch Lady – if you do have 1803]

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      AskWoody Lounger

      If you do have 1803 on your computer systems, you’ll honestly want to install There are severa[See the full post at: Patch Lady – if you do have 1803]

      Yes, right you are Lady!

      never asked for, but further more: Microsoft updates
      “Intel Corporation – SoftwareComponent – 4/24/2018 12:00:00 AM –”
      ….. no explanation what so ever…   looking back in Windows update history and www information >.>.>.> the next information shows!

      ” “Thank you for using Windows Update. The More information feature is not available yet. We apologize for any inconvenience” “.

      I am *not happy here*,
      is this my pc and is Microsoft owning me, or
      is this still my pc that I do NOT have anything to say about?

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      Mr. Natural
      AskWoody Plus

      Hi Susan. I have 2 systems that I installed 1803 on and ever since they are unable to communicate with WSUS. Windows Update pointing to Microsoft works, but not WSUS. I had to manually install that even though my WSUS system has the patch ready to go.

      My question is, are you hearing anything about this? CH100 first mentioned this and after doing some checking, I verified it on 2 machines I have been experimenting with.

      Thanks so much for all you do.

      Red Ruffnsore reporting from the front lines.

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        Mr. Natural
        AskWoody Plus

        It appears the May updates for Server 2012r2 may have fixed the issue. My pc is now reporting it’s status properly and showing that kb4103721 is installed. I normally wouldn’t push a brand new update on a server but in this case it was worth a try. Not 100% certain yet but appears to fix the issue.

        Red Ruffnsore reporting from the front lines.

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      My computer has been in a loop thanks to this update. I’ve exhausted all my power trying to block and stop this update, use restore points, and safe mode to undo it but every time, it’s still pending a reboot when I boot back into normal mode. Microsoft NEEDS to QA their updates and software again, this is as bad as XP with their broken updates. I even used the show/hide update tool and Windows still downloaded and installed it. So honestly, I give up with Windows, I’m switching to Linux. Never again, Microsoft.

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      I agree. MSFT is heavy-handed, and inept at the same time. They’ve lost me as a customer for life!

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      1803 was installed without permission on 3 of my computers last week, 5/1/2018. Fortunately no problems, working great.

      Then in the early A.M. on 5/8/2108 the “fixed” 1803 was installed, once again without permission on all 3 computers (all running Windows 10 Pro). Bricked them all. I make 3 full backup images of each of my computers every day (2 local using Macrium and EaseUS and 1 cloud using Acronis). Restored all 3 computers, backed up data, and did clean installs which installed the latest fixed 1803. Recovered data and all is back to normal, just took a full day.

      Microsoft was malicious and negligent in installing updates that I had not approved (Pro allows the delay of all updates, which I do) and causing me a lost day. I am in the minority with my belt and double suspenders backup scheme. Most people will have lost all their data.

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      In My husband’s laptop with 1709 WU doesn t fine Mrst update. In My desktop with 1803 when i start WU doesn t search update But someone tells that is search every 24 hrs. On start PC today Chrome installer doesn t appear on task manager And apps lire Cortona And Host experience shell have a Green leaf And There is write suspended

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      AskWoody MVP

      The Register is reporting:
      ‘Systems with Intel 600p and Pro 6000p SSDs are experiencing crashes and users are finding themselves staring at a UEFI screen after rebooting’

      The Register

      Edit: appologies, already within

      | W10 Pro x64 1803 | W8.1 Pro x64 | Linux x64 Hybrids | W7 Pro x64/ XP Pro O/L
        Can't see the wood for the trees? Look again!
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      AskWoody Lounger

      I went to 1803 willingly and it’s been pretty smooth on almost all of my computers. However, on my main desktop (running Win 10 Enterprise) I’ve seen that since 1803, or maybe just 4103721, I can’t run VirtualBox anymore– it’s saying my processor’s (i7-2600k) VT-X capabilities are disabled. But they’re not disabled in the BIOS. From what I’ve read it means something else– likely some security setting– has quietly enabled Hyper-V in the background. But it isn’t shown as enabled in Windows Features, and the tricks I’ve used to override everything and force-disable it (using dism.exe) aren’t changing anything.

      I have a feeling something somewhere got changed to use some security setting that uses Hyper-V but I can’t find it, and it’s driving me crazy! VirtualBox worked fine on my computer until the last week at some point, I just wish I could remember the last time I successfully booted a VM before I start uninstalling updates to track down the culprit… (it looks to be something with DeviceGuard or Application Guard, but I didn’t enable those intentionally, so I have to do more reading…)

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        Check these phases with regarding VirtualBox in 1803:
        DeviceGuard HypervisorEnforcedCodeIntegrity “Core Isolation”

        Careful, this is one of those feature with an on/on switch (off is broken, you need to regedit it off and reboot)

        I don’t have the full path to look at these settings, and the available screenshots confusing at best.

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      This update breaks remote desktop for us. Still looking into if it’s an issue with connecting to our servers or if it’s an issue with the patch itself.

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        Susan Bradley
        AskWoody MVP

        The issue is that you are probably missing the RDP patch on your servers.  See the CredSSP issue.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      AskWoody Lounger

      KB4103721 killed my Lap Top by changing Command Prompt C: to X:  Unable to boot PC

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      Gunter Born over in Germany has some comments on this KB4103721, as of 12 May 2018, it may be a good idea to wait for more reports and a Defcon change to a safe time to update.

      His forum post lists a number of issues with this KB4103721 that affect some, not all, users.


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